Square Tapered Fiberglass Columns Manufacturer

Fiberglass Technologies manufactures square tapered columns, also known as craftsman or bungalow columns, from a combination of fiber, marble and polymer. This style of column fits well with many styles of houses or commercial buildings like contemporary, colonial and prairie. Whether you choose a clean, smooth square post or a deep recess panel that exudes old-world craftsmanship, you will be pleased with this low maintenance, durable feature for years to come. Fiberglass Technologies has over 40 years of experience in the design and fabrication of square tapered fiberglass columns across a variety of industries including education, government, banks and hospitals locally in Pennsylvania and nationwide. Call our Bucks County, PA office at 215-943-4567 to discuss your project with one of our highly experienced employees.


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Square Fiberglass Columns Fabrication

Our square tapered columns are available in both smooth and recessed panel. These load bearing, architecturally correct designs will blend seamlessly with your building’s existing craftsman-style details. The capital and base are the finishing touches for your square fiberglass tapered column. While they are a small part of the overall look, they have a big influence on the finished project. They are constructed from the same durable fiberglass material as the column to ensure resistance against rot and durability for many years. Our square tapered fiberglass columns with square capitals and bases assure a high quality and beautiful product.


Benefits of Buying Fiberglass Columns from Fiberglass Technologies

Square fiberglass columns are the ideal choice for homeowners or contractors looking to add a decorative column that is long lasting and resistant to water damage and bug infestations. Some of the many benefits of square tapered plain fiberglass columns include:

  • Made in America
  • Manufactured with FRP for durability and longevity
  • Columns have stone-like feel
  • Available in any color and almost any finish including matte, gloss, stone or texture
  • Great for patio columns, porch columns, pergolas or gazebos
  • Can be used around an existing support post when split
  • Waterproof and rot resistant
  • Cap & base made from same material

To discuss your project, call our Bucks County, PA office at 215-943-4567 for a free consultation and no obligation quote. One of our experienced team members will discuss your design goals, application and project budget. Each client is assigned a manager who will assist you throughout the duration with product selection, estimates, design and any other needs you’ll have throughout the project.