The History of Architectural Entasis Columns

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the definition of entasis is Greek for “swelling or tension and relates to a convex curve incorporated into upright structures like columns.”  Entasis was used by the ancient Greeks while building grand monuments to correct optical illusions. If a fiberglass column does not have entasis it will not appear to be straight, especially in very large buildings. The Greeks, when proportioning their Doric columns, arrived at a system of entasis, which is very different from the method the Romans employed. With a Doric column, no part of the outline is parallel with its axis or center line. From the very bottom, the shaft slopes in towards the center. This slope, which increases as it nears the neck of the column, in portions of arcs or circles of a varying, though large, radius.

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Entasis Fiberglass Columns vs. Straight Tapered Column

Straight Tapered Round Column: These types of entasis fiberglass columns have a straight line between the bottom (larger) diameter and the top (smaller) diameter. This result creates the illusion that the sides of the columns are rounded inward.

Entasis Column: A more sophisticated, architecturally correct way to taper a round column is to give it an entasis. The bottom portion is straight and it gradually begins to taper about 1/3 of the shaft. The taper becomes steeper as you go to the top, which gives the sidewall a slight convex curve. The result is a more beautiful installation; a fiberglass entasis column looks authentic and beautiful.

Architectural Column Design & Fabrication

Fiberglass Technologies boasts 40 years of experience in the design and fabrication of entasis fiberglass columns for schools, municipal/government buildings, banks and hospitals throughout Pennsylvania and nationwide. The fiberglass fabricators on our team are known for their industry leading selection of standard, entasis and contemporary designs. Fiberglass Technologies has the experience to handle all your fiberglass column needs. No matter the size of your job, we’re committed to a process that ensures the highest quality manufacturing. Call our Bucks County, PA main office at 215-943-4567 to discuss the scope of your project with one of our employees.

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