Fiberglass Cornices Height 3FT to under 4FT

Fiberglass Technologies engineers fiberglass cornices, also known as FRP or GFRP cornice. The cornice is fabricated with polyester resin that is reinforced with 40% fiberglass. Although lightweight, our fiberglass is stronger than steel to ensure longevity, weather resistance and limited maintenance. Fiberglass Technologies offers hundreds of standard cornices with heights between 3FT to under 4FT. We manufacture simple fiberglass cornices to extremely complex patterns and customized options. Fiberglass Technologies boasts over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of cornices across a variety of industries including schools, universities, government & municipal buildings locally in Pennsylvania and across the nation. Call our Bucks County, PA office at 215-943-4567 to discuss your fiberglass project with one of our highly experienced employees.

Fiberglass Technologies Fiberglass Cornice Height 3FT to under 4FT

Fiberglass Cornices Product Selection (3FT to under 4FT)

Fiberglass cornice is available in many standard profiles of 3FT to under 4FT which can be easily modified to fit your specific architectural needs. Our Bucks County, PA fiberglass manufacturing facility boasts an in-house mold making department, which allows us to customize any “standard” cornice for a nominal fee. With a team of highly experienced fiberglass designers, we encourage architects and general contractors to get as creative as possible. Our staff will incorporate your vision and create a cornice that fits your criteria in form, function and size (3FT to under 4FT). Feel free to browse our CAD files in both PDF and ZIP files to see our existing cornice selection, which can be modified to your construction needs.

Fiberglass Technologies PA Fiberglass Cornice Height 3FT to under 4FT

Interior & Exterior Cornice

Our fiberglass cornices are manufactured using top quality raw materials and made in the USA. Cornices are constructed from chopped fiberglass and resin then gel coated for lifetime protection. The strength of the material is resistant to dents, scratches and year-round weather elements. Fiberglass cornices are engineered to provide our clients with low maintenance and easy installation. We guarantee a durable and beautiful cornice that will last for many years. Our Bucks County, PA fabrication facility has the latest state-of-the-art CNC Machinery and high-tech AutoCad software to successfully design any style of standard or custom cornice.

Give one of our experienced staff members at Fiberglass Technologies a call at 215-943-4567 for a personal consultation and quote for your fiber project. Your project leader will assist you throughout the endeavor with product selection, estimate, installation and any other needs you may have throughout the job duration.