Custom Fiberglass Cornices Manufacturer

Cornice is the molded, decorative projection that forms the crowning feature at the top of a wall or other architectural building element. It is also used to describe any projection on a wall that throws rainwater off the face of a building. In modern architecture, cornice is used for decorative rather than functional purposes. Fiberglass Technologies boasts over 40 years of experience in the design and fabrication of custom fiberglass cornices across a variety of industries including education, government, retail stores, banks and hospitals locally in Pennsylvania and across the nation. Call our Bucks County, PA office at 215-943-4567 to discuss your fiberglass project with one of our highly experienced employees.

Fiberglass Technologies Custom Architectural Fiberglass Cornices PA
Fiberglass Technologies Custom Fiberglass Cornices & Columns PA

Architectural Custom Fiberglass Cornices & Finish Appearance

Fiberglass cornice moldings are one of the most popular uses of custom, architectural fiberglass. Not only because it is easy to use, but it can be manufactured to replicate most finishes like terra cotta, limestone, marble, granite, wood and other popular building materials. When necessary, other additives are introduced in our custom fiberglass cornices manufacturing process to replicate these types of materials. Fiberglass Technologies offers a range of finishes from smooth dull matt to high gloss polished, slightly textured to rough stone. Fiberglass Technologies does not have a standard color or finish chart to select your desired finish. We usually ask for a sample of the authentic material to match the fiberglass to the original material.

Fiberglass (FRP) Cornice, Columns and Balustrades

Our highly experienced fiberglass fabricators have the ability to reproduce both simple and complex patterns and designs from historical recreations to custom architecture without sacrificing authenticity. We use durable, yet lightweight fiberglass to reduce the load on your building structure. Further, our custom fiberglass cornices are molded with Class A fire-rate unfilled resin & UV inhibitor marine-grade gel coat that is resistant against rain and temperature fluctuations.

Fiberglass Technologies requires the following to submit custom fiberglass cornice quote:

  • Plans: Provide plan view/sections and elevation drawings. Include inside/outside corners, “Z” corners and end caps.
  • Color/Texture: Submit color sample, finish and texture.
  • Installation Details: Send architectural drawings and your project manager will recommend internal blocking required for installation. CAD drawings are provided prior to fabrication.
  • Shipping: Job site location is required to determine the best method of shipping, carrier and dates.

To discuss your fiberglass cornice project, call our Bucks County, PA office at 215-943-4567 for a free consultation and quote. One of our experienced staff members will discuss your design goals, application and project budget.

Fiberglass Technologies FRP Cornice, Columns, Balustrades