Beautifully Simplistic

As a number of people now know, the versatility of Fiberglass because of the variety of colors and textures, plus its strength and durability all while being lightweight, can be a maintenance free answer to numerous situations encountered in the construction industry. The versatility of Fiberglass is one of its best characteristics. Any color, and almost any finish you desire can be obtained, including matt, gloss, stone texture, or even bronze or wood. Whether building new or restoring the old, Fiberglass will capture an audience with its sharp details in any shape. Forms, textures and colors are virtually unlimited, and the ease of installation will be an actual time and money saver. Fiberglass will have lasting beauty and will not fade for many years – properties only Fiberglass can boast. We have hundreds of styles of Stock Cornice, Moldings, Column Covers, Domes, and all Architectural Components. Any of these can be easily modified to suit your needs and accommodate almost any situation. Ship lap joints, butt joints, and reveal joints can make a beautiful appearance and any installation a snap. Whether your architectural needs are no more than a concept, or if they are in the form of drawings, preexisting pieces, models, renderings or photographs, Fiberglass Technologies, Inc. can produce and timely deliver your product with the utmost precision. If you can dream it we can create it. Simply email any information on the size and shape desired. Drawings, sketches or photographs would be helpful and we will furnish shop drawings for you to choose from. Our sales staff is efficient, quick, and ready to serve you. 

THE ORIGIN OF LAMINATING RESINS The ancient Egyptians discovered the valuable use of Fiber-based Resin Laminates to preserve and to protect their royal loved ones through the tests of time. Over the years, with man’s genius and creativity, Fiberglass has taken many leaps and bounds. The many wonderful uses in the next century are here for the entire world to see, come join us!

Fiberglass Technologies, Inc. is a diverse company with expertise in Architectural Manufacturing as well as divisions pertaining to Automotive, Transportation, Industrial Engineering and Recreational Products. This wide range enables us to carry ideas and craftsmanship from overlapping applications and materials to best suit the unique requests of our valuable customers.

Columns and Cornice for open gazebo
Barrel Columns for Maple Terrace

Fiberglass is also economical, and here are a few reasons why:

• Field & installation costs reduced because of affixing. Fiberglass is light weight. In external applications, Fiberglass could be only 1.0 lb sq/ft. This results in labor savings.
• Field or shop painting is not necessary, although Fiberglass can easily be painted.
• Fiberglass can be modified in the field. For example, compounded problems may be solved using basic hand tools; this keeps things simple, easy and fast.
• Long term savings; Fiberglass will not rust, rot or crack. Its weatherability is one of its best values. This saves dearly for years to come, adding enduring beauty to any project.

Time plays an important role in all phases of the construction industry. We realize this at Fiberglass Technologies, Inc., and that is why we produce patterns in our pattern shop, located on our premises. This enables us to have better quality control for more dimensionally stable parts. Not only will this save valuable time, but it also helps eliminate any communication  reakdown between drawings, patterns, prototypes and molds.

We have the latest state of the art CNC Machinery and the most hightech AutoCAD software. Our staff is highly trained and experienced. Our 28 + years of manufacturing experience will be evident during the entire process.

Pictures showing stages of reproduction of bracket