Architectural Fiberglass Domes Manufacturer

Fiberglass Technologies is the leading manufacturer of fiberglass domes for an array of industries including commercial, government, industrial and religious buildings. Domes can be used for both exterior and interior use. Further, domes can be customized by size and finished surface in colors of your choice. Fiberglass Technologies can fabricate custom fiberglass domes to meet an architect or contractor’s design specifications. Fiberglass Technologies boasts over 40 years of experience in the design and fabrication of fiberglass FRP domes locally in Pennsylvania and across the nation. Call our Bucks County, PA office at 215-943-4567 to discuss your fiberglass project with one of our highly experienced staff members.

Fiberglass Technologies Architectural Fiberglass Domes Manufacturer
Fiberglass Technologies Fiberglass FRP Domes

Fiberglass (FRP) Hemisphere Domes & Onion Domes

A large portion of our projects involve improving deteriorated, unattractive and outdated structures and replacing them with custom domes. These new structures can either be an exact replication or a brand-new custom dome in complex shapes and surface colors in a variety of options. Dome shapes can be curved, corrugated, ribbed or contoured. Further, it can replicate any traditional building material like gold, copper, stainless steel, terra cotta, marble, granite or stone. Fiberglass far exceeds the life expectancy of domes made from these conventional materials.

The custom fiberglass FRP hemisphere domes are pre-assembled, numbered and labeled in our Bucks County, PA facility to ensure easy installation at any jobsite nationwide. To eliminate high labor costs, domes are usually assembled and installed in less than one day. We ship units in the largest sections possible that will fit on a truck. Domes do not require internal structure support and their ¼ inch thickness makes them much lighter when compared to gold, stainless steel, granite and similar materials.

FRP Reinforced Hemispheres & Spheres

Fiberglass dome structures can be used in a variety of industries. From shelter for natural disasters & other emergency relief efforts to interior & exterior architectural building additions for commercial, government, industrial, religious and residential use. Some of the many advantages of our custom fiberglass domes include:

  • 130 mph wind rate, rain & earthquake resistant
  • Unsurpassed performance in Marine environment
  • Easily transported
  • Lower cost per square meter than traditional construction
  • Non-toxic fiberglass resin
  • Resistant to rotting, warping, mildew, water, fire, rodents & pests
  • Sizes vary from 23 square meters to 70 square meters
  • Domes can include air conditioning and power

To discuss your fiberglass sphere dome project, call our Bucks County, PA office at 215-943-4567 for a free consultation and quote. Our domes can meet the needs of churches, mosques and temples in the United States. One of our experienced staff members will discuss your design goals, application and project budget.

Fiberglass Technologies Hemisphere & Onion Domes